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Best Holderness, NH Restaurants

Best Holderness, NH Restaurants

If you're looking for restaurants near Holderness, NH that serve wonderful food, then check out our list below of the top restaurants in the area. Each restaurant is close to our inn, so you won't have to speed down the highway to find a place to eat.
chicken and waffles

Foster's Boiler Room

Located in the Common Man Inn and Spa, Foster's Boiler Room is a family restaurant that serves delicious food like steak or chicken and waffles. You'll love the excellent staff and warm atmosphere.

The restaurant is a little over a 10-minute drive from our inn.
eggs and tomatoes on a plate

Annie's Overflow Restaurant

Annie's Overflow Restaurant is a great place to go if you're looking for a filling breakfast. At Annie's, you can get omelets, fries and biscuits. Some locals call the environment "old school" here, which could bring back pleasant memories.

Annie's is a 10-minute drive from our inn.   
mussels on a plate

Walter's Basin Restaurant

Try the tuna wontons, mussels and seafood soups at Walter's Basin Restaurant when you visit with us.

Because the restaurant is only a 3-minute drive from the Inn on the Golden Pond, you can easily enjoy the view of the lake while eating good food. Reviews mention the friendly and professional staff here, too.
sushi on a plate with soy sauce

Thai Smile Restaurant

Thai Smile Restaurant serves authentic Asian cuisine made by seasoned chefs. Enjoy the fresh vegetables here, along with sushi and salmon. You should also try Thai Smile's Thai ice tea if you decide to try this restaurant out. 

Thai Smile Restaurant is less than a 10-minute drive from us.
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